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Bold Hat Productions (Bold Hat) is a leading production, marketing and event management firm based in Seattle with expertise in creating, promoting and implementing large, multifaceted public events. For over 18 years, we have perfected a scalable system that results in creative, safe and consistently successful event campaigns and execution for projects of all sizes and missions. Since its founding, Bold Hat has created new events, inherited the production of legacy Seattle events, and traveled across the globe to assist international events with its honed knowledge and expertise in event management.

From concept development, marketing and planning to event execution, we help create meaningful and safe events that meet the client’s mission and measures of success.


At the core of Bold Hat Productions are our annual events. We currently produce five large events and festivals, each with a unique audience and focus: Seattle Scotch & Beer Fest, Fremont Solstice Fair, Kirkland Uncorked, Fremont Oktoberfest & Renton Oktoberfest. If you’d like to learn more about these events, or to get involved, contact us today.


By establishing clear goals, objectives and measurable outcomes, Bold Hat develops a marketing and digital strategy that is mission fulfilling to the benefit of every stakeholder. Through social media, we work to build and grow community, create event and brand evangelists, increase online visibility and multiply connections through appropriate social media channels that drive results.


Meeting your business and marketing goals through sponsorship is our strength. Bold Hat produces a variety of events with a range of audiences to match your marketing initiatives and engage in Fremont’s local community. Our team helps to create and manage unique sponsorship activations to provide a memorable experience for both attendees and sponsors alike.


We deliver an inventive and creative approach, blending more than 20 years of production experience with the innovation of today’s tools and trends, strong management abilities and an eye for every detail. Bold Hat plans and manages community events and festivals for corporate clients, non-profit associations, tourism offices, city agencies and local chambers of commerce.

Company Mission

Bold Hat is committed to making a difference locally and globally by producing and enhancing world-class events, improving the communities where we live, work and play, and enriching business and non-profit partners through creativity and professionalism.

Upcoming: Lake Chelan Winterfest
January 2017


At the core of Bold Hat Productions are our annual events. We produce giant public/civic events and complex festivals with the purpose of enriching community through event celebrations. Bold Hat currently produces four large events and festivals, each with a unique audience and focus.

These events have raised more than half a million dollars and growing for our nonprofit partners and have brought over 800,000 guests to their neighborhoods and cities.


Our Team

Bold Hat uses the strengths of our full time staff and the relationships with valued partners and trusted contractors to continually produce flawless, fun, and well executed events. Our team is consistent and adaptive, two qualities that in combination result in reliable and proven successes for our clients. It is a core belief of Bold Hat that the team comes before the individual, meaning we ensure that everyone involved in your event is invested in its success. We break your event into areas of concentration that correspond with each team member’s specialty and as a result you will receive the full extent of our energy and expertise.

Phil Megenhardt
President & Creative Director
Phil oversees project scope, vision, and key specialty areas including security, permitting, and crowd management planning and implementation.
Andrea Kramer
Chief Operations Officer
Andrea oversees concept development, project management, staffing, project timelines and budgets.
John Thorburn
Marketing Director
John leads Bold Hat’s marketing strategy for all festivals and events, as well as client marketing projects. He is skilled in social and digital marketing, traditional advertising, brand management, and he’s passionate about emerging technologies, community building and overall marketing trends.
Jillian Ranney
Sponsorship Manager
Jillian is responsible for outreach, negotiation, and relationship management for all large partnerships, contractors, and sponsorships. Jillian manages over 250 partner relationships annually, supporting each one with committed attention, diligent contract execution, and creative activation strategies.
Maddie Murphy
Marketing Coordinator
Maddie blends her expertise in copywriting and digital marketing with a creative flare. She is a skilled writer, creating and overseeing the content written for social campaigns for Bold Hat’s annual events and client projects. Maddie also manages our extensive festival volunteer program.
Taylor Ann Richards
Event Assistant
Taylor Ann handles production planning and execution, event permitting, and contract management.

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